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14K Gold RDH Registered Dental Hygienist Pin

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Introducing our exquisite 14K gold Registered Dental Hygienist Pin – a symbol of excellence and dedication in the field of dental hygiene. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned dental professional, this pin is the perfect choice to showcase your commitment to oral health.

Wearing this pin on your graduation day will not only make you stand out but also create a lasting memory of your achievements. It's a symbol of your hard work and dedication in the dental hygiene field, reminding you of your accomplishments every time you glance at it.

 This pin is not just a symbol of achievement; it's a versatile accessory that can be paired with any outfit. Whether you're in scrubs, a lab coat, or professional attire, the pin adds a touch of sophistication and class to your look.

 Our 14K Yellow Gold RDH Pin is a true work of art. It is handcrafted and hand-polished by our skilled artisans with over three decades of experience. The result is a pin that exudes elegance and radiates a timeless allure. Made from solid 14K gold, its yellow hue adds a touch of sophistication and class to your attire.

 As direct sellers, we bring you these exclusive creations at an affordable price point to accommodate your budget. We understand the value of your hard work and dedication, and our goal is to offer you a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. Trusted by nursing schools and doctors for over four decades, our fine medical jewelry has been a symbol of professional accomplishment.

 For nursing schools, graduating classes of nurses and doctors, and professional medical organizations, we offer special discounts and custom design services on bulk orders. Make your group's achievements shine with personalized pins that reflect your unique journey.

 The choice is yours - you can opt for a pin adorned with a single round diamond, ruby, emerald, pink sapphire, amethyst, or a striking blue diamond, approximately 0.025 carats in weight. The gemstones are carefully hand-set by our master craftsmen, ensuring their secure placement and a dazzling sparkle that captures attention. Alternatively, you can choose the no-gemstone option for a sleek, minimalist look. The "RDH" emblem is meticulously engraved on the pin, adding a personal touch to your attire.

 Our Dental Hygiene Graduation Pins are an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. Whether you're celebrating a recent graduation, an anniversary of your RDH certification, or simply want to acknowledge the accomplishments of a dedicated dental hygienist in your life, this pin is a thoughtful and enduring choice.

 Your 14K Gold RDH Registered Dental Hygienist Pin comes in a gorgeous gift box that not only ensures its safety but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. It's ready to be gifted or treasured as a personal keepsake.

 We stand by the quality of our product. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty and free polishing as and when required. Your pin will continue to shine and symbolize your accomplishments for years to come.

 We offer free shipping anywhere in the US, ensuring that you can enjoy our high-quality pin no matter where you are located. Don't miss the opportunity to own this elegant piece of medical jewelry.

Product Details

Pin Size: 1"

Material: Solid 14K Gold

Color: Yellow gold

Type of stone: Single round diamond/ruby/emerald/pink sapphire/amethyst/blue diamond (0.025 Carat approx) or no gemstone