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14K Gold RN Registered Nurse Nursing Pin

Sale price$199.99


Mark the culmination of years of hard work and dedication with our 14K Gold RN Nursing Pins. This exquisite piece of jewelry is a tangible representation of the commitment and compassion that define the nursing profession and nothing can match the sparkle of pride when you wear this stunning accessory on your graduation day.

Versatile and elegant, this pin complements any uniform or attire. It's more than just a symbol of professional achievement; it's a mark of distinction that sets nurses apart. Whether it's proudly displayed on a uniform or paired with any other ensemble, this pin will forever serve as a reminder of your hard-earned accomplishment.

Crafted with precision and care, this 14K RN Graduation Pin is a testament to quality and durability. Every fine line is etched with perfection by our skilled craftsmen who have been expertly creating unique medical jewelry designs for over three decades.

Our family has been bringing you these rare and affordable jewelry designs straight from our factory for more than forty years. We are forever grateful to our medical fraternity for their kind services and as a mark of respect, we offer exciting discounts and custom design solutions for entire graduation classes and medical professionals.

The radiant 14K gold provides a warm backdrop for the iconic RN emblem, highlighting the intricate detailing in the evergreen twin snake design. The secure clasp provides peace of mind, ensuring it stays in place throughout even the busiest of shifts.

The beauty of this bespoke gold pin is further highlighted by a single round custom gemstone, hand-set by our talented artisans. Available in a variety of selections, each of these gemstones weigh approximately 0.025 carats. You can choose from diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, pink sapphires and heat/color-treated blue diamonds.

As a graduation gift, this RN Nurse Pin is unparalleled in its significance. It's a gesture of appreciation for the dedication, compassion, and sacrifices made on the journey to becoming a Registered Nurse. Whether for a loved one or yourself, this pin represents the pride and honor that comes with joining the ranks of nursing professionals.

Order now to gift a cherished keepsake to your favorite nurse and we will ship it at the earliest safely packed in a gorgeous gift box. A bright smile of happiness is guaranteed for whoever receives it.

The solid 14K gold pin will maintain its luster and beauty for years to come and as a surety, we offer a lifetime warranty and free polishing whenever you need it. Free shipping available anywhere in the US.

Product Details

Pin Size: 3/4"

Material: Solid 14K Gold

Color: Yellow gold

Type of stone: Single round diamond/ruby/emerald/pink sapphire/amethyst/blue diamond (0.025 Carat approx) or no gemstone