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Article: Wear with Pride the Medical Assistant MA Graduation Pin

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Wear with Pride the Medical Assistant MA Graduation Pin

Are you working as a medical assistant or registered medical assistant/certified medical assistant with administrative and clinical duties? Or do you imagine yourself working in a medical office or an ambulatory care clinic/facilities catering to the needs of outpatients? Do you want to work alongside physicians and be recognized as either a Medical Assistant (MA), a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) or a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)? Then wear the high-quality a medical assistant MA graduation pin, charm or necklace at work daily that symbolize your career position. Wear it with pride because you deserve it.

What is a Medical Assistant?

A Medical Assistant is a medical office or clinic manager who works with a physician in an outpatient or ambulatory care office or clinic to assist in administrative and clinical functions.

What is the Difference between a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and a Certified Medical Assistant (CM)?

RMAs and CMAs are basically the same. They are MAs who passed the American Medical Technologist (AMT) Certification Exam or the American Association of Medical Assistant (AAMA) Exam. Certification opportunities are offered by several professional associations. The AMT Association awards the medical assistant with the RMA credential when the MA passes its examination. The title of CMA is awarded to the medical assistant once he or she passes the examination under the AAMA credentialing organization. In other words, RMA and CMA are the same in terms of scope of practice as well as their duties and responsibilities. They only vary in the title because of the credentialing body. RMAs are also certified just like the CMAs.

How to become a Medical Assistant (MA)?

To be a great MA, you need to develop the following characteristics:

1. organized

2. efficient

3. flexible

4. keen to details

5. compassionate

Your job entails a lot of administrative duties. Therefore, you need to be organized, efficient, flexible and keen to details.

Some of your administrative duties may include:

1. Using computer applications

2. Answering telephones, emails and greeting patients

3. Updating and filing patient medical records

4. Coding and filling out insurance forms

5. Scheduling appointments

6. Organize hospital admissions, determine laboratory and diagnostic services

7. Handling correspondence, billing, and bookkeeping

You will also be dealing with sick people or those suffering from an illness which means you need to be compassionate. You need to also develop communication skills that are therapeutic to outpatients and the persons you work with.

Aside from developing the right attitudes, you need to undergo education and training on clerical and clinical skills needed for your role. You will learn various medical terminologies and procedures. You will be taught how to read patient charts and arrange treatment or medical management plans. Once you get your diploma or degree training program certification, you may choose to take an examination to become an RMA or CMA.

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